Error -20041 (the Input Matrix is Singular) When Setting Initial Guess Coefficient with Nonlinear Curve Fit VI

Updated May 11, 2023

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  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

The "Nonlinear Curve Fit .vi" returns an error when I change the Initial Guess Coefficients. The default coefficients (2, 0, 4) work as expected. However, when I change the values to my own input, I get Error -20041. How do I set my initial guess coefficients?


The Lev-Mar algorithm is an iterative process and depends heavily on the initial guess coefficients.
To establish a best initial guess, use the following equation:

y = a * exp(b * x) + c
  1. Guess "c" by looking at the smallest data point.
  2. Guess "a" by plugging the y-intercept into the equation.
  3. Calculate "b" by substituting a known (x,y) point and guesses of "a" and "c" into the equation.

Additional Information

A matrix is singular if and only if the determinant is 0. This error is likely returned due to the rounding of floating point numbers during the iterative calculation.