Difference Between the Typ and Max Conditions of the PXIe 4302 User Manual

Updated Feb 19, 2018

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  • PXIe-4302

Issue Details

In the Accuracy section of the PXIe 4302 user manual there is a table with a couple of different measurement conditions. The Typical and Max measurement conditions span the same temperature range. What is the difference between these two conditions? 


The conditions are the same for the Typ and Max conditions.

Typ (23 °C ±5 °C)
The Typ condition is the value that the module should be at most of the time. It is the expected accuracy of the module.

Max (23 °C ±5 °C)
The Max condition is the value that if the device reads over, the module is not functioning as expected and either should be sent in for repair or calibration.

Max (0 °C to 55 °C)
The final Max condition is for when module is not in a room temperature setting. 

Additional Information

All of the accuracies listed are warranted for the conditions described in the tables and for up to one year from the
module external calibration.


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