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Error 2 (Memory Full) When Using the System Exec VI

Updated Dec 2, 2022

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

Why do I receive an Error 2(memory full) when using the System Exec VI in LabVIEW?


This error normally occurs when trying to run a command-window-specific command such as dir or set, or when trying to run an executable from the command line. Using the System Exec VI is not the same as typing a command into a command prompt; instead, it is like typing a command into the "Run..." window.

To run command prompt commands from the System Exec VI, execute the command prompt window first with the following command:

cmd /c 

For example, to run the DOS command dir, use the following string as your command line input into System Exec VI:

cmd /c dir C:

To run an executable, you would use the following string as your command line input into System Exec VI:

cmd /c C:\...\application_name.exe

In this case, application_name.exe is the name of the executable you are calling. You must include the entire file path for the application, as represented by the C:\...\. If the file path contains any spaces then the entire path must be surrounded by quotation marks. For example, to open LabVIEW 8.2 you would use the following string:

cmd /c "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.2\LabVIEW.exe"

Additional Information

Note: This only works in Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and above. For instructions on Windows 95/98/ME, please check the below links: