Connected - Safe Mode (Improper Installation) on VxWorks CompactRIO

Updated Apr 18, 2023

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Operating System

  • VxWorks

Issue Details

I have just received my CompactRIO controller and after installing LabVIEW RT software, the controller boots into SafeMode with the system state of  Connected - Safe Mode (Improper Installation).  How do I get my CompactRIO controller out of this state?


If possible, ensure that the installation on the host machine works on another controller of the same model.  If it does install correctly on another CompactRIO controller, then your controller may have a rare condition where the bootline is corrupted from manufacturing.  The bootline contains all the information that the VxWorks bootrom needs to load a VxWorks kernel image into the target's memory.  To repair this do the following steps: 
  1. Set the SafeMode switch to on and reboot your controller (this step is necessary to write to the bootline located on the flash of the CompactRIO controller).
  2. Locate the controller from MAX and reformat the controller (this will reformat the controller as well as repair the bootline).  The controller will reboot.   
  1. Set the SafeMode switch back to off position. 
  2. Install desired software.