GSDML File for CompactRIO PROFINET Slave Card

Updated Apr 5, 2023

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  • cRIO-PN-S

Issue Details

I want to configure my CompactRIO PROFINET Slave module, but I can not find the GSDML file which is necessary to achieve proper communication with the master.


The GSDML file to be imported into your PROFINET IO-Controller configuration tool for the CompactRIO PROFINET module (cRIO-PN-S in short) by KUNBUS GmbH is included in its driver package. The driver is called cRIO PN by KUNBUS GmbH . The most convenient way to install it is through VI Package Manager using this direct link.

After installation is finished, the GSDML file is available on your computer in C:\Users\Public\Documents\KUNBUS GmbH\GSDML similar. The file's name format is GSDML-V[x.x]-Kunbus-cRIO PN-[yyyymmdd].xml.

Additional Information

Additionally, the cRIO PN by KUNBUS GmbH driver installs a Profinet device LabVIEW example project that can be accessed via LabVIEW's Example finder: Open Example Finder in LabVIEW via menu Help » Find Examples, then go to tab Browse, click Browse according to: Directory Structure, and open KUNBUS GmbH » cRIO PNAD » FPGA Bitfiles » CS_cRIO-PN_IO-DeviceExample.lvproj.