GSDML File for CompactRIO PROFINET Slave Card

Updated Nov 7, 2018

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  • cRIO-PN-S

Issue Details

I want to configure my CompactRIO PROFINET Slave module, but I can not find the GSDML file which is necessary to achieve proper communication with the master.


The GSDML file to be imported into your PROFINET IO-Controller configuration tool for the CompactRIO PROFINET module (cRIO-PN-S in short) by KUNBUS GmbH is included in its driver package. The driver is called cRIO PN by KUNBUS GmbH. The most convenient way to install it is through VI Package Manager using this direct link.

After installation is finished, the GSDML file is available on your computer in C:\Users\Public\Documents\KUNBUS GmbH\GSDML similar. The file's name format is GSDML-V[x.x]-Kunbus-cRIO PN-[yyyymmdd].xml.

Additional Information

Additionally, the cRIO PN by KUNBUS GmbH driver installs a Profinet device LabVIEW example project that can be accessed via LabVIEW's Example finder: Open Example Finder in LabVIEW via menu Help » Find Examples, then go to tab Browse, click Browse according to: Directory Structure, and open KUNBUS GmbH » cRIO PNAD » FPGA Bitfiles » CS_cRIO-PN_IO-DeviceExample.lvproj.