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NI Installer Hangs While Installing Visual C++ 2015 Run-Time

Updated May 1, 2018

Reported In


Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Run-Time 

Issue Details

While installing NI software, the installer hangs when installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Run-Time component. How can I fix this installation issue?


You can resolve this installation issue by completing the following steps:


  1. Cancel the installer. You will see an error dialog confirming the cancellation. Microsoft's Visual C++ 2015 Run-Time will still be running in the background.
  2. If possible, stop Windows Update and disable it.
  3. Restart the machine.
  4. Try to install the software again
  5. If Windows Update was disabled, re-enable it.

If above steps didn't work, try the following:
  1. Stop the Windows Update via the Windows Services.
  2. Restart the installer.
  3. Start the Windows Update via the Windows Services.