Locating and Repairing Foreign Disks on the NI HDD-8264

Updated May 1, 2018

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  • HDD-8264

Issue Details

When using the MegaRAID (MRaid) Utility for the NI HDD-8264, I am having problems ensuring that the drives are showing up correctly. One or more of the drives are showing up as foreign. 
How do ensure that they all show up properly before configuring them?


  1. When you have foreign drives in your setup they will show up as below:
  1. Right click on MegaRAID SAS 84016E » Scan for Foreign Configuration.
  1. Once the Foreign Configuration Wizard opens, select Clear.
  1. Select Yes to continue.
  1. You will then get a screen that states the clear was successful. Press OK. The drives will no longer be foreign to the system and you can move forward with setting up your configuration.

Additional Information

You will most likely see a foreign disk warning when moving/replacing a hard drive in your system. This warning occurs because the RAID system will use a portion of the hard drive to write configuration files. These configuration files reference the specific RAID array that you are using and are unique to your system. Therefore, when they are removed or not found, you will receive that warning.


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