MXI-Express PC Compatibility

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • ExpressCard-8360

Issue Details

I am going to use a MXI-Express card to control my PXI system directly from my PC.  How do I check if my PC will be compatible?


We cannot guarantee that our MXI-Express cards will work with the PC being used in your system, so it is best to follow along with the details in the following links to see if there are any apparent compatibility concerns.

Understanding MXI-Express Enumeration and Compatibility explains compatibility challenges along with tips to reduce the risk of incompatibility and the MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide​ is an excellent resource if you want to troubleshoot specific compatibility issues.

Additional Information

A computer's compatibility with a system may change during each BIOS version/release, which is why MXI-Express compatibility cannot be guaranteed for an individual computer model.


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