MXI-Express PC Compatibility

Updated Aug 1, 2019

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  • ExpressCard-8360
  • PCIe-8381
  • MXI Cable


  • MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility

Issue Details

I am going to use a MXI-Express card to control my PXI system directly from my PC.  How do I check if my PC will be compatible?


MXI-Express is successfully used on a variety of name-brand PCs, laptops, and motherboards containing a PCI, PCI Express, or ExpressCard slot. However, given the number of potential PC and MXI-Express configurations, NI cannot guarantee compatibility between your PC and MXI-Express. 

To increase the likelihood of success in using MXI-Express, we recommend reviewing the content of the following two articles:
  1. Understanding MXI-Express Enumeration and Compatibility explains compatibility challenges along with tips to reduce the risk of incompatibility.
  2. MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide​ provides a detailed list of troubleshooting steps for common compatibility issues.

Additional Information

A computer's compatibility with a system may change during each BIOS version/release, which is one of the reasons why MXI-Express compatibility cannot be guaranteed for an individual computer model.