Items are Missing in the Configuration Pane of MAX

Updated Apr 10, 2019

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  • Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX)

Issue Details

  • The Configuration pane within Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) is not displaying all of the items that are typically there. I normally see the items shown here: 
Why would these items be missing, and how do I get them back?
  • The Data Neighborhood, Scales, and Historical Data sections are missing from NI MAX, how can I get those back?


This issue can be resolved by following these steps:
1. Upgrade a driver to a most recent version.
2. Repair the MAX installation.
3. Consult the Additional Information section to identify which file may be missing, copy it from a working station. 
Note: This option should be used as a last resort, as use of mismatched versions of UI providers to drivers may cause problems.


Additional Information

There are several reasons why certain items would fail to appear in this pane. Following are a few of the most common scenarios.

1. I'm missing the Data Neighborhood and Scales items.

This can be caused if the following file is missing from the system:
<MAX>\UI Providers\nidmfuiu.mxx
This file pertains to the DAQmx UI provider needed for MAX to know what DAQmx Tasks and virtual channels are present on the system.

if your machine still shows Data Neighborhood but does not contain all expected items under it, you may also want to check for the following files:
<MAX>\UI Providers\CanUI.mxx
<MAX>\UI Providers\niFPui.mxx

These files are the CAN and FieldPoint UI providers that pertain to the CAN channels and FieldPoint Items objects under Data Neighborhood.

2. I'm missing all of the items in the Configuration Pane.

This can be caused due to the the following file being missing from the system:
<MAX>\UI Providers\mxcat.mxx

3. I'm missing the IVI Drivers item.

This can be caused due to the following file being missing from the system:
<MAX>\UI Providers\niIVIui.mxx
This is the UI provider for IVI software on your machine. 

4. I'm missing the Remote Systems item from the Configuration Pane.

This can be caused due to the following file missing from the system:
<MAX>\UI Providers\niRMui.mxx
This is the Remote Systems UI provider that MAX needs to have in order to recognize and configure remote systems.


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