What Is the Difference Between Electrical and Mechanical Relay Life?

Updated Sep 15, 2022

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  • PXI-2520
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  • PXI-2522
  • PXI-2523
  • PXI-2564
  • PXI-2565
  • PXI-2566
  • PXI-2568
  • PXI-2569
  • PXI-2570
  • PXI-2571
  • PXI-2586
  • PXIe-2569

Issue Details

The Expected Relay Life specification for NI electromechanical relay switch modules is described in terms of Mechanical and Electrical. What is the difference between these two different specifications?


You can find descriptions of the mechanical and electrical relay life specifications inĀ NI Switches Help: Relay Life .