Why am I Missing VIs From the Real-Time Utilities Palette?

Updated Sep 21, 2023

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  • LabVIEW 2012 Base

Issue Details

After Upgrading to LabVIEW 2012, I am missing some of the VIs that were on the Real-Time Utilities palette in previous versions of LabVIEW. Where are the missing Real-Time Utilities VIs?

I am receiving an error message when I open my VI from an older version of LabVIEW because my Real-Time VI is missing.


The Real-Time Utilities VIs have been deprecated.  The new set of VI that have replace the Real-Time Utilities VIs are the System Configuration VIs.  In LabVIEW 2012 and later the System Configuration VIs are located in Real-Time»Utilities»System Configuration and Measurement I/O»System Configuration.  In LabVIEW 2011 the System configuration VIs can be found in Measurement I/O»System Configuration.

Before using a System Configuration Property Node or VI you mush first initialize a system session using Initialize SessionVI form the System Configuration palette.  After completing your operations you should close the system session using the CloseVI from the System Configuration palette.


The System Configuration VIs are not identical replacements for the Real-Time Utilities VIs so, the System Configuration implementations of the Real-Time Utilities Vis are shown in the VI Snippets below.

RT Get Memory Usage

RT Get Target Information

RT Set Date and Time

RT Apply Target Network Settings (Static)

RT Apply Target Network Settings (DHCP)



Get Image

Set Image

Additional Information

  • To be able to run the SysCfg VIs from a Windows machine, targeting an RT target, you only need NI System Configuration Remote Support installed on the RT target to get memory usage statistics and to set the date and time. 
  • To be able to run the SysCfg VIs from an RT target, targeting itself or another RT target, you must install NI System Configuration  and  NI System Configuration Remote Support on the target.