Transferring Configuration Files to a New Version of TestStand

Updated Apr 18, 2023



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  • I recently installed a newer version of TestStand and tried to run the sequences I created in a previous version. While running the sequences, I received an error saying that I had an unknown variable or property name that referenced one of my station global variables. When I looked in the Variables window, I don't see any of my station global variables. Where did my station global variables go, and how do I get them back?
  • How can I use Station Global Variables - or other Configuration data, such as Users -  from an older version of TestStand in a newer version?
  • I have upgraded to a newer version of TestStand, but I want to migrate the user configuration file from the previous version. How do I do this?

TestStand saves all of its configuration data, including Station Global VariablesUsers and Templates, as .ini files in the configuration folder. There are two ways that these files can be transferred from one version of TestStand to another. These are:

Option 1: Transfer Configuration Files (Recommended)

1. Identify where the configuration directory for the original TestStand version is:
a. Open the Sequence Editor for your older version of TestStand
b. Navigate to Configure » Environment
c. Copy the directory listed next to CommonAppData

2. Navigate to this directory in File Explorer and open the Cfg folder
3. Copy the files which you want to transfer, e.g. StationGlobals.ini, or Users.ini
4. Navigate to the Cfg directory for your new version of TestStand. If you are not sure of the location for the new version, repeat Step 1 in the new version of TestStand.
5. Paste the configuration files into this folder.
  • Note: You can backup the existing configuration files in the Cfg directory of the new TestStand version, by moving or renaming them.

Option 2: Change Configuration Directory Location

1. In the new version of TestStand, go to Configure » Station Options
2. Select the Preferences Tab
3. You can change the configuration directory either by selecting from the dropdown menu or by using the browse function to select the location

4. Once you have selected the desired directory, press OK to confirm the changes.
5. Restart TestStand for the changes to take effect.

Note: If you want to change the directory TestStand checks for the User Manager file while keeping the remaining configuration settings in the default folder, this can be done by:
1. Navigating to the User Manager tab in the Station Options menu
2. Deselect Use Default
3. Use the browse option to select the configuration file you would like to use.
4. Press OK and restart TestStand to confirm the changes.

Additional Information

By default configuration files are located in: 
C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\<TestStand [Version]>\Cfg

It is important to bear in mind that each version of TestStand includes its own configuration files. This means that, for example, which version of the StationGlobals.ini file is in use will be depend upon which version of TestStand is in use.