Different Version of TestStand Is Missing Station Global Variables

Updated Jan 16, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I recently installed a newer version of TestStand and tried to run the sequences I created in a previous version. While running the sequences, I received an error saying that I had an unknown variable or property name that referenced one of my station global variables. When I looked in the Variables window, I don't see any of my station global variables.

Where did my station global variables go, and how do I get them back?


  • Copy your StationGlobals.ini file over to the current TestStand configuration directory.
    • Open the Sequence Editor for your older version of TestStand
    • Navigate to Configure»Environment
    • Copy the directory listed next to CommonAppData
  • Navigate to that directory from the File Explorer and open the Cfg folder
  • Copy your StationGlobals.ini file
  • Find the CommonAppData directory for your newer version of TestStand 
    • It will likely be right next to your older version, but if not, follow the same process to find it
  • Paste your StationGlobals.ini file to this location
    • Note: You can always rename or move your newer StationGlobals.ini file if you don't want it to be overwritten

Additional Information

Station global variables are stored in the StationGlobals.ini file located at: 
<TestStand [Version]>\Cfg

Every version of TestStand includes its own StationGlobals.ini file. Thus, which StationGlobals.ini file is used will be dependent upon which version of TestStand is active. 

In this case, the newer version of TestStand was looking in its own configuration directory for the StationGlobals.ini file. In order to run a sequence that references station global variables in a newer version of TestStand, you must copy your StationGlobals.ini file over to the current TestStand configuration directory.


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