PXIe-6738 350 kS/s Analog Output Update Rate Specification Explained

Updated May 31, 2021

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  • PXIe-6738

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The PXIe-6738 specification sheet says that for each bank of four Analog Output channels, there is an update rate of 1 MS/s. When using all four channels on a bank, the specification sheet claims that each channel can handle 350 kS/s. Shouldn't this say 250 kS/s, since each bank is multiplexed to 4 channels?


The reason that the rate is not 250 kS/s/channel is because the update rate is dictated by how fast the data is being streamed from the FIFO to the output channels - there isn't a linear correlation between the sample per channel rate and the maximum update rate as with Analog Input measurements. For 9-32 channels the sample rate maximum for all channels will be 350kS/s. For more information on this, the 'Maximum Update Rate' section on the MIO Specifications document might help.