Using the NI Vision Run-Time Engine on a Separate Target Machine

Updated Aug 25, 2023

Reported In


  • Vision Development Module


  • NI-IMAQ I/O Runtime

Issue Details

I have a single-seat license for the NI Vision Development Module (VDM) and I see that it comes with a Single-seat license for the NI Vision Run-time Engine (RTE). I want to deploy this license onto a single deployment machine for my application, while leaving the NI VDM activated on the development machine. Am I able to do this?


While NI VDM does come with a single license of the NI Vision RTE, this license is tied to the NI VDM Serial Number you have purchased. 

The NI Vision RTE license that comes with NI VDM license is required during the development of your application and when testing or running your NI Vision Application on your development machine. 

Therefore you will not be able to activate this license on another machine while this license is active on a development machine. 

Additional Information

When you purchase The NI VDM you receive:
  • The NI VDM software, including the Vision Assistant
  • A license to use the VIs and functions included in the module
  • A (single) license for the NI Vision Acquisition Software for the same computer on which you install the NI VDM
  • A (single) license for the NI Vision RTE, which allows you to run executables containing the NI VDM VIs and functions on the same computer
If you want to use the NI Vision RTE on another target machine (apart from the development machine), then you will need to deactivate the license on the development machine and then activate the NI Vision RTE on the target machine. 

If you intend to install the NI Vision RTE on one or several target machines, while leaving the NI VDM activated on your development machine, then you will need to purchase separate NI Vision RTE licenses for each target machine.