How Long it Takes to Complete GPS Self Survey?

Updated Dec 19, 2017

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  • PXI-6683

Issue Details

My GPS module takes too long to complete survey.
How long till I'm able to use my GPS?


Self Survey process may take around 10-20 minutes but this could depend on weather and environment conditions. It's not needed to wait for all satellites to use the GPS. 

If after this time, the self survey fails to complete, see GPS Self Survey Does Not Complete with PXI-668x Timing and Synchronization Module.

Additional Information

The Self Survey is a process performed by the GPS receiver on the PXI-668x where it performs measurements of the visible satellites once per second and averages those measurements to determine the receiver’s current position as accurately as possible. 

Each new satellite available adds up to timing and location precision. For many applications, 3-4 satellites works fine to synchronize or locate a device with good precision. 

If your GPS antenna will be moving while the system has power, you should enable Mobile Mode. No survey process will take place in this mode.


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