Camera FPS and ROI Image Size Relationship

Updated Jan 12, 2023

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  • Vision Acquisition Software

Issue Details

  • What is the relationship between frame rate (frames per second -- fps) and Region of Interest (ROI) size?
  • How much faster will I be able to acquire images if I reduce the ROI on my camera?


The relationship between FPS and ROI depends on the camera and how things are processed.  There may be a limit on how fast a camera can acquisition, even if ROI is continually decreased.  You will have to check with the camera manufacturer to determine the relationship between FPS and ROI.  For Basler cameras, you can use the Basler frame rate calculator.

Additional Information

For USB 3 Vision cameras, the transfer rate of the images are directly related to the image resolution.  A smaller resolution image will transfer faster than a larger resolution image.  So, if you need to acquire images quickly and do not need to read from the whole sensor, you may benefit from a smaller ROI.