Sequence File Not Generating Results in the TestStand Report

Updated Jan 12, 2023

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

When I execute my sequence using either the test UUT or single pass entry points, The results of my steps are not displayed in the generated report.  Why is this occurring, and how can I fix the problem?


There are two common causes for reporting not to occur:
  1. The ResultList local variable is not present - In the Locals window, make sure that the variable ResultList exists.  TestStand uses this variable to hold the step results until the report is generated, so no report data will be present without this local variable.  If ResultList does not exist, the report will display the following:
No Sequence Results Found 

To restore the StepResults local, follow the steps below:
  1. Open a new sequence file.
  2. Select the Locals tab and copy the ResultList variable.
  3. Paste that ResultList variable back into your sequence file inside your Locals tab.
  1. Reporting is disabled - Each step in TestStand has an option to disable reporting for that step.  This option is located in the Run Options tab of the Step Properties window.  To enable reporting, ensure that the Record Results box is checked.
  2. Results Filtering does not exclude your step - Under Configure > Results Processing > Settings for Report (small gear box on right), ensure the "Results Filtering Expression" is not set to exclude your step type.