Missing nixlvapi.dll When Opening VI or Adding XNET VI

Updated Dec 17, 2019

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Issue Details

When I try to open a VI that uses the NI-XNET driver it gets stuck loading nixlvapi.dll and asks me to browse and find it. When I drop down an XNET VI, it also starts searching for the nixlvapi.dll and asks me to browse for it. Where do I find the nixlvapi.dll and why am I getting this behavior?


  1. Browse for nixlvapi.dll at the default location C:\Windows\SysWOW64 for LabVIEW 32-bit and C:\Windows\System32 for LabVIEW 64-bit. If you are unable to find this file in the default locations, continue to the next steps. 
  2. Open NI MAX from the start menu and check in My System>>Software to see that NI-XNET is installed. If NI-XNET is not listed, then it may not be installed or installed with problems.
  3. Try reinstalling the driver from ni.com .
  4. If you have installed NI-XNET already, force reinstall the NI-XNET driver from the command prompt with admin priveledges.