Integrate TestStand with TortoiseSVN

Updated Jan 12, 2023



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How can I integrate my TestStand code with TortoiseSVN Source Code Control?

TortoiseSVN is a Subversion source code control (SCC) client that does not support the Microsoft SCC API. In order to integrate TestStand with TortoiseSVN, you will need to install a Microsoft SCC API compliant plugin such as PushOK's SVN SCC plug-in. Once the Microsoft SCC API compliant plugin has been installed, you can then configure TestStand to integrate with your Subversion client via the plugin. To do that follow below steps:
  1. Go to: Configure >> Station Options ...
  2. Open Source Control Tab
  3. Choose the SCC provider:

Below image shows the TestStand Source Control menu when integrated with TortoiseSVN and PushOK's SVN SCC plug-in

Please keep in mind to use cross-compatible versions of PushOK and TortoiseSVN. Due to the fact that the latest released version of PushOK is 1.7.13. it is not recommended to use a higher version of TortoiseSVN than 1.7.15. Also match the bitness of PushOK to the bitness of your TestStand environment and TortoiseSVN's bitness to your operating system.

Additional Information

TestStand integrates with any source code control (SCC) system that supports the Microsoft SCC API. You can check files and projects in and out of the SCC system from a TestStand workspace, as shown in the image below.

The TestStand File Differ can also be integrated into your Subversion client as an external Diff/Merge application for sequence files (.seq). TestStand 2010 onwards installs a File Differ Launcher executable that will automatically determine the appropriate version of the TestStand File Differ to launch. The File Differ Launcher is intended to be used with SCC clients for diffing/merging TestStand sequence files and is installed to the <National Instruments>\Shared directory. See the TestStand File Diff/Merge Application topic of the TestStand Help for an example of using the File Differ via command-line arguments.

Mind the fact, that the Source Control menu options and features in TestStand work only for TestStand Workspace files.