How do I Make a Half Wave Rectifier in Multisim?

Updated Nov 14, 2023



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How do I make and take measurements from a half wave rectifier circuit in Multisim.

First place down all your components. 
  1. "ctrl + w"  opens up the component window. form there you can place down your components. 
    • AC_POWER and Ground can be found under Sources>Power_Sources.
    • Diodes can be found under Diodes, for this example were using a Virtual diode.
    • Resistors can be found under Basic>Resistors.  for this example were using a 1K ohm resistor. 
  2. ​ Use "ctrl+shift+W to wire the components together.
  3. Adjust the values on the Voltage source by double clicking it and navigating to the value tab, from here we can edit the values of the source. we have used 10V RMS and 5Hz for this example.  

When done the circuit should look something like this. 

Now we can start taking our measurements. 
  1. Navigate to your Oscilloscope on the left hand side of the screen. 
        2.  Click and drag your Oscilloscope to a wanted possession on work space
        3. Connect the two ports from the A Terminal  to the circuit, positive on top and negative on bottom of the

     4. Run the simulation by pressing the green Triangle, in the simulate toolbar, or by pressing the F5 key on
         your keyboard. Make sure you run the simulation in interactive mode. this can be altered under
         Simulation>Analysis and Simulation
    5. To access your Oscilloscope readings toy can double click on the oscilloscope icon on your work space. This
        will bring up your standard waveform chart.
    6. You can increase the scale of the X-axis (time) under the Timebase section of the oscilloscope, for this
        example 50 ms/DIV should be sufficient.This will give you a wave similar to the one displayed below. 

    7. Now Pause (F6) or Stop your simulation, under the simulation toolbar. this will allow us to take accurate
       measurements using the oscilloscope cursors, these can be moved by click and drag, or by using the arrows
       besides T1 and T2.  The Values of the cursors are displayed underneath the graph.