How to Download and Install National Instruments Software

Updated Feb 19, 2020

Issue Details

I would like to download and install National Instruments Software and was not given physial media when I purchased my license. What is the proper procedure to follow to download NI software?


National Instruments software can be downloaded from by following the steps below. Note: If you need to install offline and would like to install using installation/physical media, refer to the Requesting Physical Media for NI Software Installation page on how to request it.
  1. Before downloading, register your serial number to your account. Registering your serial number will ensure that you have access to download the correct software versions connected to your license.
  2. Locate the specific software download page on our website. You can locate this by searching for the software you need to download at or by searching for the specific software name in any search engine. Note: If you are unsure what software to download or what is included with your license, contact National Instruments.
  3. Once you locate the software download page, make sure to select the correct Version and Edition you need and select Download. An example of what the download page should look like it listed below. Note: This is the LabVIEW specific download page.
  1. Once the download is completed, run the downloaded file to start the installation and then activate your products with your serial number.


Additional Information

  • All the software for Windows will download in evaluation version, and you will have the chance to activate it later.
  • Access to legacy releases of National Instruments software is available only to accounts with an active Standard Service Program (SSP). More information can be found in the following article: How to Download Older Versions of National Instruments Software.
  • Some software packages like the NI Software Suites do not offer a stand alone installer that can be downloaded for offline distribution. If you search for one of the NI Software Suites, you will find a Web Based installer instead that will download and install the software in the computer.