Archived:Wrong data on my USB DAQ using Windows XP

Updated Jan 4, 2019

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Reported In


  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Hardware: USB DAQ

Issue Details

My data is not correct or the channels are swapping on my USB DAQ.


To resolve this issue, consult Microsoft Knowledge Base 969238 and request the hotfix identified in the Knowledge Base through Microsoft's support channels.

In addition to the hotfix, you can change the USB mode for your device. What is the difference between USB Raw Control and USB Raw Bulk?, and How Can I Communicate With A Device Using NI-VISA USB Raw Mode? have information on USB sampling modes and how to set them up.

Finally, a Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) database corruption could also be causing the error. Follow the steps in What is the Process for Resetting the MAX Database? to reset the MAX database.

Additional Information

There is a known issue with Microsoft's Enhanced Host Controller driver for Windows XP caused either by conflicting USB devices, or by a USB device that is in bulk transfer mode.  This can corrupt the data transferred over the USB port.


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