Error 54 in TCP while using FTP VIs

Updated Dec 12, 2022

Reported In


  • cFP-2000
  • cFP-2200
  • cFP-2220

Issue Details

I am trying to use the FTP VIs to transfer files to and from my target to a host computer. I tested the application from my host PC and everything works fine; however when I run an FTP VI then I receive error 54 in TCP Open Connection .vi. How do I correct this problem?
Error 54: The Network address is ill-formed. Make sure the address is in a valid format. For TCP/IP, the address can be either a machine name or an IP address in the form If this error occurs when specifying a machine name, make sure the machine name is valid. Try to ping the machine name. Check that you have a DNS server properly configured.            


  • On the RT device, make sure that a Domain Name System (DNS) address has been defined for the Ethernet port. The FTP VIs are created using the TCP LabVIEW functions to implement the communication; therefore a connection to a DNS server must be established before a FTP operation can take place. 
  • The DNS address should only be necessary if a machine name is being used instead of the actual IP address in the URL. For example, if your URL is ftp: //fieldpoint/data instead of ftp: //, then a DNS address is needed. The DNS address can be configured by accessing the network settings/properties dialog for your RT device. 
  • In PXI RT, this setting can be found by accessing the TCP/IP properties page for the network interface adapter of the controller. 
  • In FieldPoint and CompactRIO, the DNS address can be specified while configuring the device from the Remote System Explorer.