Error -63184 When Using NI Softmotion with NI 950x Motor Drive

Updated Jan 4, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW SoftMotion Module

Issue Details

When using my NI 950x Motor Drive with NI Softmotion, I receive the erro -63184. How can I fix this?
Error Code: -63184 NI-RIO:  (Hex 0xFFFF0930) The selected bitfile requires a driver that could not be loaded or that was invalid. Use MAX to install all necessary software to your target. Note that if your project includes modules under the chassis item, user-defined variables, or references to the Scan Clock Chassis I/O item, you must install NI-RIO IO Scan software to the target.


First, check that the appropriate drivers are installed on the Real-Time target. If all the required drivers are present on the real-time target and this error is still occurring, the FPGA may have entered an error state causing it to generate this error. 

To clear this error without recompiling the FPGA or reformatting the CompactRIO, follow the instructions listed below:
  • In  the LabVIEW project, connect to your CompactRIO target.
  • Right-click the FPGA target and click RIO Device Setup...
Right click FPGA Target and select RIO Device Setup...

Figure 1: Project Explorer
  • On the Download Bitfile to Flash tab, click Erase Bitfile on Flash.
On the RIO Device Setup window, click Erase Bitfile on Flash

Figure 2: RIO Device Setup
  • In the Bitfile to Download field, reselect your bitfile and click the Download Bitfile button.
On RIO Device Setup Window, navigate to your bitfile and download the bitfile to flash.

Figure 3: RIO Device Setup Select Download Bitfile

This process will refresh the FPGA bitfile in the CompactRIO flash memory and should resolve the error.