Edit/Change the Footprint of a New Component in Multisim

Updated Nov 28, 2022



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I have created a custom component in Multisim, however my pins numbers are and pin names are incorrect.  I have already gone through the wizard, how do I edit my footprint?

After you have created a component you can still go into the component and edit the footprint of that component.  

To correct your footprint follow the steps below:
  1. Double-click on your component to open up the Properties window for that component
  2. Select Edit Footprint.
  3. You can either re-arrange footprint pins here, or select Change to open up the Change Footprint window.
  1. If you want the same footprint click OK in the Change Footprint window. This will re-set your symbol pins so that they are no longer assigned to a footprint pin.  If you would like to change your footprint to something else, you can do so in this window before clicking OK.
  1. The footprint pins that were previously assigned to symbols pins are re-set.
  1. Assign each symbol pin to the corresponding footprint pin.
  2. Select OK
  3. Select OK again to close the Properties window.