NI InsightCM™ Server Time Synchronization with CMS Devices

Updated May 11, 2018

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  • NI InsightCM

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How does NI InsightCM Server synchronize its clock with the CMS devices connected to it?  How often is the clock between the server and the CMS devices checked?


The synchronization method depends on the version of NI InsightCM used.

NI InsightCM 3.0
The CMS device time is checked with each ping from the InsightCM server and serves to ensure that the device is online. Part of the message is the server timestamp. If the server timestamp is more than 10 seconds off from the device's timestamp, the device time is reset to the server's time. 

The ping interval can be changed in the global settings: Options>>Server Settings>>Heartbeat as shown in Figure 1 below. 

NI InsightCM 2.0
By default, the CMS device checks its clock against the server's clock once every 30 seconds. If the difference is greater than 10 seconds, the CMS device will change its clock to match that of the server. The only way to change the time for checking and the time threshold is through the NI InsightCM 2.0 SDK.


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