What Cameras Are Supported on NI Linux Real-Time Targets?

Updated Dec 20, 2023

Reported In


  • myRIO Student Embedded Device


  • Vision Development Module


  • NI-IMAQdx

Operating System

  • NI Linux Real-Time
  • VxWorks

Issue Details

I can select my camera in my LabVIEW code when it's connected to my Windows computer but not when it's connected to my myRIO or other NI Linux Real-Time target. Does NI support any cameras to be used with the CompactRIO (cRIO), Single-Board RIO (sbRIO), myRIO, or Linux RT PXI controller?


Only USB3, GigE and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are supported for use with cRIO and sbRIO, with restrictions for each type of camera. Using NI Vision Acquisition Software, you can acquire images from these types of cameras with RIO, sbRIO and PXI controllers targets. Vision Acquisition Software start supported on PXI controllers running Linux RT as of VAS 20.6, make sure to install Linux RT Image 20.6 on the PXI controller to match the version of Vision Acquisition Software.

USB3 Vision
Machine vision cameras following the USB3 Vision standard can be used with certain real-time targets running either the VxWorks or NI Linux Real-Time operating systems. USB3 cameras are not supported on real-time targets running Phar Lap ETS operating systems. The cameras must comply with the USB3 Vision standard, be backward compatible to USB 2.0, and have a maximum current draw of 500mA. Compatible cameras include certain Basler USB3 Vision cameras, such as the Basler ace acA640-120, as well as other manufacturers’ USB3 Vision cameras with USB 2.0 backward compatibility. See the Related Links for more information on using USB3 cameras with NI cRIO and sbRIO targets.

Note: Some specific NI hardware supports USB3 Vision cameras which do not have USB 2.0 backward compatibility. Please refer USB3 Vision Cameras and NI Real-Time Targets Compatibility.

GigE Vision
Cameras following the GigE Vision standard are supported by high-performance, multi-core cRIO devices, such as the cRIO-908x, cRIO-903x, cRIO-904x and cRIO-905x series as well as the Intel-based sbRIOs.

Internet Protocol (IP)
IP cameras manufactured by Basler and Axis are supported by all cRIO targets with two ethernet adapters. Vision Acquisition Software 2009 or later is required to acquire images from these IP cameras. The NI-IMAQdx driver, which is a part of the Vision Acquisition Software package, only supports IP cameras that provide MJPEG images. Axis IP cameras must have firmware revision 2.0 (or later) to be supported. Since there are currently no sbRIO targets with two ethernet adapters, IP cameras are not currently supported on sbRIO.

USB 2.0 Cameras (Linux RT Targets only)
On Real-Time controllers running NI Linux Real-Time, USB 2.0 cameras that are USB Video Class (UVC) compliant are supported. Please check with the camera manufacturer to see if you have a UVC camera. To use a UVC camera with your Linux RT target, you need to perform a custom software installation on the target and install the component USB Webcam Support.