Disable Auto Grow Property of Structures in LabVIEW

Updated Jan 22, 2021

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

In the block diagram, when I move variables inside a structure, the objects and structures expand. How can I disable the auto-resizing property?


This article describes different ways to disable the auto-resizing of structures depending on the scenario.
  • To turn off auto-resizing for all the new structures, go to Tools » Options » Block Diagram and uncheck the Place Structures with Auto Grow enabled option.
  • To disable auto-resizing only for a specific structure, right-click the structure and deselect Auto Grow from the shortcut menu.
  • To programmatically disable auto-resizing for all the existing structures in your LabVIEW project, use the Turn Off Auto Grow Using LabVIEW utility.