How to Develop Code for a cRIO FPGA I am Not Connected To

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • CompactRIO Controller


  • LabVIEW

My cRIO is connected to a computer on one network. I want to be able to develop code for its FPGA on a different computer on a different network. Can I do this?

You can follow the steps below to develop code for a cRIO FPGA on a computer not connected to a cRIO.

Note: You will need to transfer the files to a computer connected to a cRIO to be able to deploy them.

1. Open a new project on your computer. 
2. Right click on your project title>New>Targets and Devices...
3. Select New target or device 

4. Choose your device from the list. Click OK. This will add the cRIO as a target to your project.

5. Expand the Target to display the chassis you selected

6. Right click on the Chassis>New>FPGA Target
7. Select Deploy Later

This will add the FPGA to your project.

8. Right click on the FPGA Target>Select Execution Mode>Simulation(Simulated I/O).

9. Right click on the FPGA Target>New>VI to create a new VI on the FPGA to begin coding.