Error 8150101A This Command is Not Available While the Emergency-Stop is ON

Updated Oct 7, 2019

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  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

Sometimes while using the CTS with Denso Robot the emergency stop will become engaged after a minor collision with an object. This causes the robot to stop moving and give the error message, "error 8150101A (This command is not available while the Emergency-stop is ON". 

I made sure the robot head is no longer being pressed against and that all the emergency stops are disengaged. How can I get rid of this message?


To protect itself, the Denso Robot will immediately stop if the sensor inside the robot head is engaged. The fastest way to disengage the sensor is to press gently upward on the bottom of the robot head until you hear the emergency stop re-engage. This will toggle the sensor and disengage the emergency stop.

If this is not available, the robot interface box can override the emergency stop. On newer models, you can keep the override key turned to enable it to move even while the emergency stop is triggered. On older models of the box, there is a small pin-sized button on the side of the box that when pushed it will also override the emergency stop. This requires something thin like a pen in order to push it in. Each of these is designed as a dead-man switch so they will are required to be engaged the entire time you wish to move the robot. Carefully move the robot head to a safe position. Once it's in a decent position, use the first suggestion to reset the emergency stop.

Finally, watch the performance of the robot carefully following this procedure. It is possible to damage the test head in these scenarios. At times test heads have been damaged in this way and it can take time to discover the internal circuitry of the head has been damaged. If you notice any strange behavior or odd error codes please don't hesitate to address this with NI support.