Passing Test Case TAB115 When Terminal Does Not Support Other Technologies

Updated Oct 7, 2019

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  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I am using test case TAB115 - Polling sequence when supporting other technologies from the EMVCo PCD test suite. I seem to obtain a PASS verdict even when my terminal does not support other technologies. I sometimes don't know beforehand if my device supports other technologies. 

How do I know if my PASS verdict is due to my device supporting other technologies properly or if no other technologies are present?


This test case is only applicable if the PCD under test supports other technologies. If the terminal does not support other technologies it will pass by default.

Unfortunately, there is no ICS detection in the EMV PCD Analog test suite. However, if you don't know what technologies are supported, you can quickly look at the polling sequence in MPManager by combining the functionality of the Script editor and the Viewer.

If you create a card emulation script using just a PICC coil (or the Dual PICC-PCD coil), it will open a spy channel and watch the polling sequence, and the file is automatically loaded into the Viewer tab of MPManager. You can then check the digital trace to see what frames from other given technologies are present. An example of such a script is shown below: