Test Case TA131 - Verifying the Load Modulation is Always Inconclusive

Updated Oct 7, 2019

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  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I am running test group TA131 - Verifying the Load Modulation VS1,pp at Minimum Positive Modulation from the EMVCo Analog PCD test suite. Every test result is inconclusive, stating, "Digital trace was not created. The PCD functionality when the EMV-Test PICC applies a Positive VS,1,pp minimum load modulation can not be concluded."

However, I can see the analog graph and everything looks fine. Why am I receiving this message?


During the test case, the test suite software generates an .mplog file, which is the digital trace referred to in the execution log. The test suite requires this file in order to analyze the PCD's response to applied variable load modulation.

If the test suite cannot locate this file, it is unable to evaluate the conditions of the test case. This can happen for multiple reasons, but the most common is that the file path of the .mplog file is greater than the Windows limit of 255 characters.

In order to prevent this from occurring, we recommend creating a folder directly on the root drive to house your test suites, such as C:\TestSuites or C:\TS, to prevent long filenames. Additionally, avoid putting your test suite on network drives and store them locally on the test machine hard disk.