Error -1074135024 with NI-DCPower

Updated Jul 29, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-4112
  • PXIe-4113
  • PXIe-4154


  • NI-DCPower

Issue Details

I am using PXIe-4112 Programmable Power Supply as the voltage source of my circuit. There is a requirement to supply 0V to the circuit. When I do that with the PXIe-4112, LabVIEW returns an error as below. I found that the supported voltage range is from 0V to 60V with 2mV resolution.
Error -1074135024 occurred at niDCPower Configure Voltage


For Programmable Power Supply (PPS) modules like PXIe-4112 and PXIe-4113, it has a minimum programmable voltage limit stated in the datasheet. For example, the minimum programmable voltage level/limit for PXIe-4112 is 100mV as shown below. Thus, the actual programmable voltage range is from 100mV to 60V.

However, there are 2 workarounds to supply 0V with these modules.

1st Scenario: Supply 0V from the beginning until the end of the test.
  • Open the session and configure the channel as usual without niDCPower Initiate.
2nd Scenario: Supply 0V in between a test.
  • Open the session and configure the channel as usual with niDCPower Initiate. When it is time to supply 0V, use niDCPower Abort to change the session state from the Running state to the Committed state which eventually bring the voltage level down to 0V. To supply the configured voltage again, simply initiate the session with niDCPower Initiate.
  • Similarly to the workaround above, it is possible to use niDCPower Configure Output Enable instead. Assign "False" boolean value to the output enable terminal when supplying 0V and "True" boolean value when supplying a configured voltage.

Additional Information

  • PXIe-4112 does not support any voltage level between 0V to 100mV. 
  • PXIe-4113 supported voltage range is from 30mV to 10V.