Noise in EMVCo, ISO, or NFC Forum Test Suites

Updated Feb 1, 2021

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  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I am running an automated test suite (EMVCo, ISO, or NFC Forum) using the Denso robot and noticed noise appearing on the analog graphs in what appear to be 60 microsecond intervals. What is the source of this noise and how can I eliminate it?


We have identified that the Denso robot's motor can produce spikes in electromagnetic noise as shown below:

These spikes in noise typically do not affect results unless the device under test is close to failing in particular test cases. However, to ensure this noise does not affect results, we have provided a setting within the test suites to turn off the Denso robot motor during the tests.

To enable this feature, navigate to Test Suite Configuration > Option > Disable Motor during test as shown below. Note: enabling this feature will produce a marginal increase in test time as the robot will need to power on and off following each change in test position.