Green Dongle vs Black Dongle for NFC Hardware

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • Micropross Accessories

I received both a green USB drive and a black USB stick with my order as shown below. I am trying to access my NFC or wireless charging test suites. How do I use these items to do so?


Currently, National Instruments handles its distribution of NFC and Wireless Charging software through the NFC and wireless charging download center . In order to access the download center to retrieve the latest software and firmware for your instrument, you must use the black USB key to enter your password. You will use the black USB key to download the test suites from the download center. The green dongle is unrelated to this step.

Proceed to the link above and you will arrive at the download center portal. You will now use your black USB key.

Place your cursor into the text bar under "Authentication Number" as shown below. Then, with your black USB key inserted into the USB port on your PC, place your finger onto the center of the USB key. It will then input your password for the download center.

The green USB drive (or green dongle) allows you to access test suites which are installed on your PC. Without the green USB drive you will not be able to use the test suites which you have downloaded. The black USB key is unrelated to this step.

Once you have downloaded and installed your test suite software, you are ready to use your green dongle to run tests using MPManager.

To run a test suite using MPManager, open MPManager and connect to your instrument. Then, insert your green dongle into the USB port on your PC. You will see the "Test Suites" tab appear within MPManager as shown below. From there, click on "Test Suites" and navigate to the location on your PC where you have installed the test suite.