Change Absolute Path to Relative Path in TestStand

Updated May 10, 2023



  • TestStand

When I originally created my TestStand sequence file, I selected absolute paths for my code modules. I would like to change them to relative paths, but I do not get prompted anymore when I browse for the code modules that already have absolute path selected. How can I change from absolute to relative paths? 

  1. Go to the code module Action step in your sequence file. 
  2. Select Browse...
  3. When prompted with the screen below, select Cancel.
  1. When prompted with the screen below, uncheck Use Absolute Path.
  1. You will then let you to select the module you want to use and it will be followed by the prompt shown below. This is where you can select Use a relative path for the file you selected:.
  1. If the option does not show up add  a root path to your search directories to which you can refer relative.