How to Configure NI Instruments Simulator

Updated Jan 15, 2020

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  • NI-Instrument Simulator

Issue Details

I have a NI Instrument Simulator. I would like to configure the device before using it so it will use the proper GPIB addresses or serial communication parameters. How can I configure the Instruments Simulator?


The NI Instrument Simulator can be used with its driver downloaded from the Instrument Driver Network (IDNet). However these are only the drivers and do not include the configuration utility.
To get the Instrument Simulator configuration utility you need to download and install the NI Instrument Simulator Software. This will install the configuration utility and also the drivers for the device.
For more information refer to the NI Instrument Simulator Installation Guide.

Additional Information

The Instrument Simulator driver software isn't made to be supported in newer versions of Windows OS. There could be additional issues you run into while configuring this device using this utility, so you may only be able to utilize the commands already built into the device using the Instrument Simulator manual