Why Can't I Read More Than 8 Differential Channels on My E Series DAQ Board?

Updated Jun 24, 2019

Reported In


  • PCI-6052E
  • PCI-6071
  • PCI-6031
  • PXI-6031E
  • PXI-6071
  • PCI-6033
  • AT-MIO-64E-3


  • Traditional NI-DAQ

Issue Details

I'm trying to read something higher than channel 7 on my 64-channel E Series data acquisition (DAQ) board, and I keep getting NI-DAQ errors (-10007). What's the likely problem?


E Series DAQ boards group channels in sets of 8 when you use them in differential mode. This means that the valid channel groupings are 0-7, 16-23, 32-39, etc. The other channels reference the negative differential input, so they are not valid measurement channels. For example, channels 0-7 reference the positive differential inputs and channels 8-15 reference their corresponding negative differential inputs. This information is valid for all 64-channel E Series devices.

If you remove the card from your PC and put it back in, it may reset to differential mode and cause error -10007 when running previously functional code. Change the configuration settings in NI MAX to resolve this.