How To Fix LabVIEW Error 1074003951 Occurred in Agilent 90000 Series Driver?

Updated Oct 12, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW 2018


  • Keysight 90000 Series Driver

Issue Details

I’m using the Keysight MSOS804A oscilloscope on LabVIEW with the Agilent 9000 drivers. I have this error in the example Agilent 90000 Series Acquire Waveform:

How can I fix this issue?


There are two methods to solve this error.

Disable VI Initialize

Use the diagram disable structure over the VI Initialize:



Modify the VI Initialize

1. Launch NI MAX.
2. Go to Devices and interfaces>>Select your Oscilloscope>>Open Visa Test Panel>>Input/Output

3. Set Select or Enter Command as *IDN?\n and finally click on Query

4. Copy the returned value, in your case it should be:


5. Return to LabVIEW and open the block diagram of the VI initialize.

6. Check that your device is present in this 2d array, in your case search for the MSOS804A 

7. See that the 2d array has only the first part of the returned data from NI MAX: KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES,MSOS804A (in capital letters) but the second part is missing

8. Modify the corresponding register, adding the returned data refered in point 4
By doing these modifications the VI Initialize works correctly.


Additional Information

The Agilent 9000 drivers relay on VISA drivers.