How to Time Each Case of a Case Structure Differently

Updated Mar 27, 2020

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

In a case structure, how to wait a fixed time the true case and an user defined time in the false case? 


To time differently each case of a case structure, you can :
- create a case structure.
- put a timing function in each case of the structure you want to time.
- Wire a constante or a control with the time you want to wait to the wait function. 

Example : 
In the following program, the code waits 5 secondes in the "True" case and the user chooses how long to wait in the false structure : 

Additional Information

In the example presented, the boolean constant enables to go in the True case or in the Fasle case. Once in a case of the structure, all the code present in this case has to be executed. The wait function must therefore complete its execution before being able to move to an other case.