VeriStand WebDAV Login Window Not Accepting Credentials

Updated Jun 21, 2019

Reported In


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

When deploying my VeriStand project to a new target, a window appears asking me to log in to WebDAV.

I attempt to log in using my chassis' credentials, and when I press the Enter key, I get a message saying that my password is invalid.

I'm sure I'm using the correct password- why can't I log in?


Prior to VeriStand 2017:
Make sure that when you're finished typing your password, you do not press Enter. Instead, try clicking the Login button on the window. This should submit your credentials and, if correct, allow you to proceed with the deployment.

VeriStand 2017 or later:
Please contact us for assistance investigating the behavior.

Additional Information

There is a known issue versions of VeriStand prior to VeriStand 2017 where the WebDAV login's password box does not work as expected. When you enter your password and press the Enter key on your keyboard, instead of submitting the form, the password box adds a new line character to the end of your password.

Since most passwords do not contain a new line character at the end, the password isn't what the software expects, and it rejects the login attempt.