LabVIEW myRIO Receives a No Acknowledge when Controlling an I2C Device

Updated Apr 7, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW myRIO Toolkit

Issue Details

I am attempting to use my RIO to control an I2C device, but I get error -363011 which says:
"LabVIEW myRIO: A No Acknowledge (NAK) bit was received from the slave device after the last address transmission." 
Why am I getting this error?


When programming I2C devices, it is important to follow the data sequence shown in the manual of the device you are using. By not following this, you are likely to send unexpected transmissions.

To confirm whether the myRIO functions offer the data sequence required, double click the function you are using and investigate if there is the correct number of "wait for acknowledgement" withi the code. If there is not, please contact the supplier of the I2C device for support.