Why Does "NILM License Manager" Show Up in LMTOOLS?

Updated Jun 14, 2022

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  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I am using NI Volume License Manager (NI VLM) to manage my NI product licensing. I installed LMTOOLS to manage my FLEXnet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) server(s) for third-party product licensing. Why does the "NILM License Manager" show up in the service names listed on the Config Services tab, as shown below? Does this mean I can start and stop this service from LMTOOLS?



If you are using NI VLM, NI strongly recommends that you do not edit NI License Manager settings using LMTOOLS. Use the NI VLM software to make and apply changes for NI product licensing. 
LMTOOLS is the graphical user interface Flexera® provides to access tools for managing FLEXnet Publisher services. "NILM License Manager" shows up in LMTOOLS because NI VLM was built on top of the FLEXnet Publisher architecture. This means that NI VLM installs its own FLEXnet Publisher components (eg. lmgrd.exe) that LMTOOLS will recognize.
It is possible to use your existing FLEXnet Publisher system instead of NI VLM to manage your licenses. Find detailed instructions for setting this up in the related links below.