How Can I Monitor a VIs Memory Usage?

Updated Nov 14, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

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I need to monitor how much memory my VIs are using. Can I do this programmatically?


There are a several tools for calculating how much memory your VIs are using. Here are three commonly used methods:
  • Profile Performance and Memory: This can be found under the Tools»Profile»Performance and Memory menu. You can read more about using this tool in Monitor Execution Time and Memory Usage in LabVIEW VIs.
  • VI.Metric properties: These properties can be accessed programmatically by taking a reference to the VI in question and creating a property node for that reference. Then select Metric from the properties list in the property node. Here is an example of calling those properties:
You can find more information about these properties in the LabVIEW Help: VI Properties
  • MEMMON.llb: A library that is shipped with LabVIEW that contains VIs for collecting memory information about any VI in memory. The library can be found at LabVIEW\examples\memmon.llb.