How to Access Online Training Using an SSP Contract

Updated Jul 23, 2019

Issue Details

I have an active NI Standard Service Program (SSP) program or an Enterprise Agreement. How can I access NI Online Training Courses?


Users with an active SSP contract can access online training relevant to their software applications. The contract must be registered to your account in order to launch the courses.
  1. Register your serial number at
    The time it takes to register a product can vary greatly. After entering your products' serial numbers online, it may take anywhere from one to five days before the product is correctly associated with your UP. Longer registration times often occur when the information (company name) in your UP differs from the install database. If, after five days, your product is still unregistered to your UP, email for help.
  2. Once your product is registered, log in on the page. 
    The registered service contract’s training course entitlements will appear in the section titled Access Training Provided With Your Software Subscription or Agreement.
  3. Click the Browse Training button to enter the online training environment where you can navigate to your training courses.

If you are having problems accessing the online training email or if you are part of an Enterprise Agreement.  

If your service membership has expired:
  1. Use the Upgrade Advisor to renew your service contract.
  2. Find the expiration date of SSP or PSP contract(s) at or Here, you can renew your contract as necessary.

Additional Information

If you have changed companies and would like to continue accessing online training using your new company's SSP or Agreement, you will need to create a new account with that company's email address.