IVI Step Types for TestStand 2019 Are Missing

Updated Nov 27, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand


  • NI-DMM

Issue Details

I don't see IVI Step Types in TestStand 2019. How do I add these? 


The TestStand 2019 installer does not include IVI Step Types. You can install them with a separate installer. The IVI Step Types installer is included in the USB stick that ships with TestStand and in the ISO available in the Individual Offline Installers link in the bottom right of the TestStand download page, as seen in the image below:

Once you have downloaded the .iso installer:

1. Mount it by using one of the methods listed here.
2. Open the AdditionalInstallers folder.

3. In the AdditionalInstallers folder open IVIStepTypes folder.

4. Run the autorun executable or the Install executable.

5. When asked to select the bitness, select 32-bit.

Additional Information

IVI steps are not supported in TestStand 64-bit.