Backwards Compatibility of MXI Express Cables and PXI Chassis

Updated Jul 15, 2019

Reported In


  • PXI Chassis
  • MXI-Express Cable

Issue Details

  • I have an old PXI chassis which is no longer available to purchase and a host PC with a PCI / PCI(e) slot. Will an MXI Express cable be compatible?
  • I have bought a new computer which does not have PCI slots but has PCIe slots. Can I still use my PXI chassis if it does not have PXIe slots?


There are kits available which use MXI Express cables to communicate between a PXI chassis and a PCI / PCI(e) controller.

These devices are backwards compatible and should work for any version of PXI chassis.

Additional Information

Chassis require a certain number of PCI / PCI(e) buses to be available on the PC host system. MXI Express incompatibility issues can arise if the maximum limit on the bus number range set by the BIOS on the system is too low.
It is possible to read and potentially modify this limit of buses.