Can I Use LabVIEW to Communicate with Multifunction Vehicle Bus?

Updated Apr 18, 2023

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  • LabVIEW




  • DUAGON D412 - MVB Diagnostic System
  • Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB)

Issue Details

I want to use LabVIEW to communicate with Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB).
What can I do when I use third party hardware like DUAGON D412 - MVB Diagnostic System?


Different solutions exist to communicate in LabVIEW with MVB:
  1. If you use hardware from DUAGON, for example the D412-MVB-Diagnostic-System, please have a look on the DUAGON-Website. For some devices drivers exist for LabVIEW. Those drivers are not supported by National Instruments. Normally those diagnostic systems are placed between the system with MVB and your PC. In many cases the diagnostic systems communicate with your PC via serial interface. 
  2. If there is no driver available for your used hardware and the communication with your PC is done via serial interface you can use NI VISA. In this case you have to know the commands the diagnostic system uses. Please contact the manufacturer of your device for more information on those commands. As a second option you can look for a driver on the NI Instrument Driver Network
  3. If you try to realize the communication without such a diagnostics system you can use NI CompactRIO  hardware in combination with a matching measurement module according to the signals coming from the MVB. The FPGA is necessary for a fast interpretation of the signals, without a time delay. Knowledge about the MVB, the use of FPGA and Realtime is required.