How to Add PXI-8461 Module in NI VeriStand System Definition File?

Updated Nov 6, 2019

Reported In


  • PXI-8461


  • VeriStand


  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

I have installed NI-XNET drivers and I am trying to pass some CAN frames to my DUT. However, the module doesn't show under NI MAX and I can't add the CAN ports in NI VeriStand SDF. How can I add the PXI-8461 module in my NI VeriStand System Definition File?


NI PXI 8461 is a 2-Port, High-Speed PXI CAN Interface Module, which can only be used with the NI-CAN driver. It is not supported with NI-XNET drivers.

To get started with the PXI 8461 module in NI VeriStand, follow the steps as mentioned:

1) Install a compatible version (with NI VeriStand) of NI-CAN driver.

2) Open NI MAX and click on Tools->NI-CAN->RT Hardware Configuration.

3) Select the connected RT Hardware and put the correct port settings as per you need namely Baude rate, Termination, Database Files etc. in the Configuration Dialog Box.

4) Now, open the System Definition File and manually add the CAN port with the same name as NI MAX.