Newer NI Vision Software Does Not Include .NET Support

Updated Jul 27, 2023

Reported In


  • Vision Development Module
  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection
  • Vision Assistant

Issue Details

  • I am trying to use .NET code generation feature in Vision Assistant 2019 but I cannot see that option anymore.
  • I need some help using the NI Vision Development Module for .NET. Who can I reach out to for support?


Vision Acquisition Software (VAS) 19.0, Vision Development Module (VDM) 2019 and Vision Builder AI (VBAI) 2018 SP1 no longer includes .NET support. 

As of 2019, Vision .NET APIs are now open-sourced and available on Github:  The projects will include .NET wrapper C code to build .NET assemblies from the latest C released DLLs. 
Follow the instructions in the to: 
  • Rebuild 32-bit (and 64-bit for VDM) assemblies to use latest version of Vision software installed on the system
  • Add new entry points to the .NET assemblies
As part of the initiative to open source .NET, NI will no longer support the .NET Vision APIs through NI Support. Support will be done through the Github open source community. Report issues to each product's respective Github Issues page or refer to the Bug Reports section of the Github page.

Additional Information

NI Vision Development Module 2013 SP1 was the last version to release updated support for the .NET Framework 1.1, .NET Framework 2.0, .NET Framework 3.5, and .NET language integration into Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. New features and functions added to VAS, VDM and VBAI after that release were not added to the .NET API.